Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College (HITC) belongs to Ministry of Industry and Trade. HITC, which was established in 1976, has been assigned to provide the human resource of industry areas and until now our training areas include19 majors of economics and engineering.
-     HITC has 2 campuses and  1 dormitory:
Main Campus: 20 Tang Nhon Phu Street, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, HCM City, Vietnam
(near HCM City High Technology Zone)
            Second Campus: Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.
            Our dormitory near the main campus is available for 2000 students.
-      Total area: 20 hectares
-      We have 10 faculties and 250 staff and lecturers.

 Remarkable Achievements:
-      Awarded the First – Rate Labour Medal in 2001, the Second – Rate Labour Medal in 1997, the Third – Rate Labour Medal in 1992 and the Third – Rate Independence Medal in 2006 by the President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
-      The students of HITC won the third prize and the best automatic robot award in the National Robots Contest in 2008. Besides, our students are very keen on researching and discovering in the fields of science and technology. It has become our college’s pride.
-      HITC has developed the joint training programs and cooperation with the enterprises, the national and international organizations
      Become a center of City and Guilds, the UKs leading awarding body, offering more than 500 qualifications across 28 industry sectors over 100 countries in the world.
      Cooperate with Texhong Textile and Garment Corporation in China to send our students to China for apprentice and then come back to work in their factory in Vietnam.
      Develop a joint – training program with Swansea College, the United Kingdom.
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