-          Total area: 20 hectares.
-          One seven – floor building (Block D), one five – floor building (Block C), one four – floor building (Block B) and the lecture halls (Block A)
-          Planning to build another seven – floor building at the end of 2009.
-          100 lecture halls, theory classrooms with modern equipments.
-          60 workshops, labs and practice rooms.
-          Library: 1000 square meters, wifi internet.
-          Dormitory: 2000 students with the football court, sports and recreation area.
-          The workshops of the engineering faculties are equipped with modern equipments:
o       Mechanical Engineering: Computer Numerical Controlled machine (CNC), pneumatics and hydraulics control system, robots, high quality welding with Tig, Mig, Mag, Plasma, computer room with applied engineering softwares.
o       Electrical and Electronic Engineering: automatic experiment equipments made in the US, Korea; computer room for research and control, experiment equipments for microcontroller, power electronics and etc.
o       Textile and Garment: sewing workshop, automatic maker making, cloth cutters, modern fabric and cloth experiment equipments.
o       Chemistry: high – pressure dyeing machine, spectrophotometer, cloth printer, chemical making machines, modern experiment equipments.
o       Leather and shoes making: Auto Toe Seat Casting Machine, leather cutter and trimmer, shoes sewing workshop, drawing and computer - based design room.
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